Monday, 11 August 2008

Honking Cows

If I was a cow or a buffalo, they wouldn’t honk at me as much, to make me get out of the way, as they do now, when I’m not a cow but a daughter of the soil. Why won’t they just let me cross the road? And appreciate local beauty while they do. To think- They choose a cow over me.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Trip On My Pride

I hope you trip on your way out,
Over my pride.
Its so big.
You know I want you to stay.
Or maybe you don’t.
Because my pride’s so big.

No Offence

“No offence”
What’s that?

Its this really stupid thing doing its rounds off late.. when you say a mean thing or pass a hurtful comment, but then say “No offence” to make it all right.

1stly, I think what they mean is “No offence intended. Please take none.”

But what’s the logic behind that! Once the harsh statement has been passed, hurt is obviously going to be felt. For example, if you say, “Paul so fat he can’t see Saul, because Saul so short, he stands in Paul’s shadow.”, and everybody laughs, the Paul and Saul in question know that the comment was not directed towards them, and they weren’t out right told that they were short, fat or ugly, but the fact is everybody laughed- at their shortness, fatness and…

I’ve always greatly detested people who make their jokes by pulling someone else down. They make smart comments and get everybody to laugh, usually at another person’s shortcomings. When the jokes are actually nasty, in the guise of hilarity, its just not nice. Plain unkindness. I’ve been at the receiving end of these comments a lot, so I know how it feels. And also having made these types of comments occasionally myself, I’d say, that people who make them are truly insecure about themselves. They would like to exhibit other people’s shortcomings, in order to think that they are really not all that badly disposed, and also to draw attention away from their flaws, to others’.

Have I offended you now, if you’re one of these types mentioned above? Too bad. No offence, really.