Thursday, 11 August 2011

India: pissing.and.pottering

While they were being kettled in the UK, tea was boiling over in the US. London is burning. Greece and Spain were kicking. Chile is currently screaming. The middle east rocked the world.

And we threw a tantrum.

The most radical of protests and national movements we saw in recent times was that of an already old man, deciding to make his anyway imminent death, worth some while in history. He decided to fast unto death. And he had the country up in storm- Over morality and ethics. As for corruption, “we need stricter laws!” of course.

This is not to say that I wished we had looted and committed arson. But this is to juxtapose our protest with that of the world’s and show you how feeble we really are. Being feeble is not the same as being ‘pacifist.’ It really is just plain old jane old passive. It’s a Gandhian hangover perhaps. But what excuse do we give for our misguided sheep mentality?

The fact is Anna Hazare SAID he would give up his life, but he didn’t. He ate. And that’s not a fast UNTO death. That’s a fast unto publicity or a fast unto fame.

Anna’s highly original and innovative Plan B, is Jail Bharo.

We are not ready for Jail Bharo.

When I met a young man at an India Against Corruption rally, he said, “I am fasting.” I asked, “Since when?” “Morning I didn’t have breakfast…lunch also, I have not yet had it..” he replied. “For how long will you fast?” was my last question. To which he said, “Till I start feeling very hungry…”

We won’t fill jails. The ones who will, will be party workers. The rest of us just want to get to work on time. The ones who understand what it means to honour your word and lay down your life for what you believe in, are not in this country. They live in others. At the risk of being beaten, arrested or even killed, the do what they have to do for their country.