Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Here Finally!

My quest for a suitable place 2 offload all my opinions and ideas has reached it's end today.I finally got around to doing my own blog!

Here..i cut my ribbon here >>>

Inaugrated atleast!

I promise you two things:
1stly-to be grammatically correct as far as possible and refrain from abbreviations and spelling mistakes (oh boy!this is gonna b a hard 1.any1 who has ever chatted wit me will agree!)
2ndly-to get up on this soapbox atleast once in 10 days or so...and broadcast to the world all that I have to say!

God be with me


Vinayak said...

well welcome to the world of blogging ! as for the misspell. i was awaare of that but somehow Bill gates and microsoft word even thought that cheques did not occur in the dicitonary and so i decided to obey the multi billionaire and his crackpot invention

kicking.and.screaming said...

Lol was going through my archives, now some 5 years after starting this blog. Firstly, eeks. Secondly, check out the terrible spelling and what not in this post itself :P