Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Cheese cake and corned beef

Current Mood: Pukish
Listening to: Let Me Roll It-The Paul McCartney Collection-Band On The Run

"Here comes the sun"

Dinner y'day night-
-one large bowl of conrflakes
-bannana chips (which i put back)

Breakfast today morning-
-3 slices of buttered bread
-4 slices of salami
-2 eggs scrambled
-1.5 tomatoes fried in butter
-the bananna chips from yesterday
-one slice of caramel cake, made a long time ago, but put in the freezer for preservation.
-a glass of mixed fruit juice that had expired on the 4th but I thought it would be safe.

And THEN I puked- twice.

"Pretty darling"


ramu said...

u cant actually eat 3 times as much as i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hw cooool is that

Rahul said...