Thursday, 2 October 2008


Written on- 20th May 2008

Cyclone Nargis struck Myanmar earlier this year. Of Cyclones, there are many. They will be forgotten. But the way in which the military junta in Myanmar acted, for reasons only they can live with, was more memorable.

So sweet a name.
So vicious a temper
Like a schizophrenic possessor.
When a gentle breeze,
Turned into an all overpowering storm.
Nargis. Oh Nargis.
Why do we name you?
Why do we call you a name
So dear and soft.
As if with pride,
Like new parents,
Would call their future?
Because you came.
And because you went.
Because you are now,
A part of our fragile lives.
Because we can never deny,
That we did not know you.
That our paths didn’t cross.
And that you were stronger than I.
I know you Nargis.
And I'm humbled by your acquaintance.

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Rahul said...

Last Stanza Is REALLY Good! \m/