Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Blue stuffs

Uh. No idea whats up with the fancy blue stuff. Are your eyes spinning too? Apologies. Also no idea whats up with the formatting. Where are my paragraphs?!
Apparently its only on the home page. I just hope it doesn't follow me around. If its troubling you too much, I suggest selecting words you want to read, and then do so.


Who are you and what do you want from me?


Kertz said...

I should not have clicked that! ^_^

kicking.and.screaming said...

Do you see all the blue stuff too? I cant seem to be able to get rid of it.

Kertz said...

yeah yeah I do! But its only in the home page, individual post views are fine!

Jean said...

I am Alice in Wonderland and I want you Tea Set.


illusionaire said...

Just checked your codes and your CSS looks fine... Inner pages are obeying the CSS commands of your template. Check in "Layouts/Fonts and color", its something you clicked in that section :-)

kicking.and.screaming said...

@ Illusionaire

Gawk?!! I havent a clue what you just said, but it makes you my superman. Thank you..
But erm, I havent been on the layout page in long.. and I was on it now, but I dont know what it was that I may have done...

The link colours changed like this after I put up the 6th April post: "Do you enjoy watching women being beaten up" about the Pink Chaddis... i pasted direct links in that post, and thats when all my links changed in colour.
And only 3 days ago did i do some "a href" thing that made words into link.. but problem still persists.

Hm yes. I half expect somebody out there to sort this out for me..

Thanks though >_> !

Kertz said...

hmm... don't be disheartened! :)

It seems like you use Microsoft Word to type your post. The two posts with links, Punjabi one and beating women were directly copied from MS Word. When you copied it , some really annoying creepy things came along! We here call it CSS :P Got the idea? :)

Now to get over it, you have to go to areas you are not really familiar with, you have to edit your post in HTML view. Click Edit post for the 'Punjabi' one and you will see 'Compose' and 'Edit HTML' You have to select 'Edit HTML'

Now you will see many creepy things in the beginning. Scroll down and find the first letter of your actual post. Delete all the things that are above it, yes those creepy things. Also there will be more creepy things inside, which you need to delete.


delete this thing wherever you find.

Now to prevent this, avoid using MS Word.

If it seems like its difficult to do all this. Here's an easy way, but you will lose all your comments. Copy the post from browser to Notepad(yes notepad not Word) then delete the post and post the same thing again. If you do it correctly your problem is solved.

kicking.and.screaming said...

erm, Ill look into this. or maybe ill just let it be, because it isnt my problem really :O.

the thought of looking for msonormal among creepy crawlies.. not a very happy thought. shall see what i can do and when.

thanks much, to both of you.

illusionaire said...

Rightly put forward by Kertz.

I have another option too. I've been using MS Word for all my blog posts for the past 5 years so I am quite familiar with the bugs involved.

You still have your MS Word file right? Go to those two mentioned posts and edit them. In the edit section, there are two options as mentioned above: "Edit HTML" and "Compose".

Click on "Edit HTML", then click on your post (text-box area), press "Ctrl+A" and delete the entire post. Now copy from your back-up MS Word file and paste them here. Make sure you paste them at the "Edit HTML" section only and not at the "Compose" section.

Once pasted, you can click on "Compose" option and do all your alignment, paragraph justification, font color etc etc...

Just remember to paste it first in "Edit HTML" whenever you are copy-pasting from MS Word.

Other bugs involved when using MS Word: When you link to a site/pic, there is the " " code. In MS Word, the " automatically becomes that other open quotation code, which is not accepted in HTML as a valid code for linking, so your link won't be proper.

To solve this, you can either use Notepad as suggested by Kertz. Or if you want to continue using MS Word, then whenever you press " and it becomes that open quotaion symbol, press Ctrl+Z immediately and it automatically transforms to the proper " symbol. After that the link will be correct in HTML.

kicking.and.screaming said...

You people are amazing.

I will get around to it, as soon as I can. There's things I still didnt quite get. Lets see how much success Il have with this.

Oh PS- weird thing. these neon links are only on my home page.

Anonymous said...

such sweet people, oh it makes me tear up to see such kindness and chivalry still exists in this mad, bad world.

--- Pasta ( u know who I am ...)