Saturday, 12 February 2011


I should forgive myself for not believing in the Jasmine Revolution. I didn’t believe because no one expects a smooth functioning of democracy's organs in the Middle East, and because of the strategic importance Mubarak had to the US, and the Israeli-Palestine issue. In the past, if a leader had to go, in the Middle East and Latin America, the US played in the back to ensure that their puppets went on stage. How often do we see an event come to completion, that wasn't in the interest of the States.

The '68 Revolution in France didn’t mean that deGaulle wasn’t reelected, because he was. In spite of how often we cite the protests today, in some respects they failed, because they were unheeded except by the future. There is a tendency for protests to go down this way.

But Egypt has overthrown its President of 30 years, and we have a new legendary square on the world map.

*walks like an Egyptian!*


Vincentvikram said...

let's hope that there is a successful transition of power to the people from the military. History shows that things can go wrong even at the last minute.

People, said...

Late, but right back at ya :P