Sunday, 4 December 2011

Tradable Commodities

Yesterday a man gave a lecture and said, "I have a new idea. I will be excited for you to join. Its in the field of education. Education industry and the health industry, will never take a hit from the recession. Now is the time."
Commodity 1- Social Services

Commodity 2- Ego Massages

Today I found a website that sells street-stuff like bags and scarves, but marked up about eight times. I could be wrong, but I daresay it is for the artists who make them, claimed by the website to be "tribal artists" but in all likelihood for the middlemen, cashing in on e-commerce.
Commodity 3- Gullible Artisans

A month and a day ago, I found a website that was selling exotic animals. It was very fishy but it was apparently also very possible.
Commodity 4- Anything

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People, said...

Everything is a commodity, including ourselves. We, and all things, must serve an end, preferably a more glorious one. Such is what they teach us which is therefore what we become.

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