Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Orange Days

I love the sky when its speckled with clouds.
When it looks like one big tub of ice cream.
With swirls of vanilla,
And a blob of orange sun.
Sometimes, like its interspersed with
Splashes of strawberry,
And a wash of blackcurrants.

When the clouds spiral
In wafty, flimsy, cotton candy-y, thready wisps
Like the puffs from my daddy’s pipe
When he takes an occasional smoke.
Or the smoke from a huffy chimney,
In a white winter scape.

Or when the sun’s about to
Play hide and seek,
And dip below the horizon.
And the sky around it gets ablaze
On what I call my Orange Days.
Like neon paints, with that unearthly glow.
When everything around is tinted in its radiance,
Making me feel I’m looking
Through cheap children’s toy glasses.

I live for those days.


Rahul said...

Your work?

Jean said...

That made me want ice-cream.
It also made me laugh.
Most importantly, It made me smile.

I guess we all live for our "orange days"


kicking.and.screaming said...

u visit!
yea i wrote it. It was during some exams that we were having. i only uploaded it recenlty though.

Ah I dont know a Jean! nice of u 2 visit however... ill b a checking ur blog some time soon i hope :)

Rahul said...

Lol.. I visit every week!

During exams =O =O Study girl! Study!!

Nice Work! Tasty too! =P

Vinayak said...

ive dreamed of such days standing on a cold mountain facing up into the skies... and in these testing days, for the orange sun my heart cries... LOVED IT ! why arent u writing anymore !!