Saturday, 19 July 2008

Back.. for now.

Heres my long awaited, much anticipated return to blogging.

Or maybe it isn’t.

Anyway. A friend of mine just began blogging her heart out. And another friend of mine wall posted me yesterday and said shed randomly checked my blog out. And then I had been talking about blogs to yet another someone.

So I decided to blog again! Aren’t you happy?!

No the thing is, I’ve actually written a lot in this period that I haven’t been in the blog world. But I’m awfully critical of my own stuff, and thus never get around to putting it up.

But internet is back! And I’m here with a hot cup of milk though this is not the weather for it.

All in all.. circumstances have forced me to go back to my old friend- myself.

So its just gonna be me, myself and my thoughts for some time now. And you’re gonna be at the receiving end of it.

Have you ever kept a journal? Have you ever made profuse apologies to it when you had long stints away because life got you busy? This is something like that isn’t it? Excuses and explanations.

Who am I talking to anyway? You?


Rahul said...

Yaay! =D

kicking.and.screaming said...

thank you.
but you randomnly check this?!

Rahul said...

Naah, it's vaagayyshens now noo.. So I just happen to check your blog everyday.. Atleast someones doing something interesting..