Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Gripped By Terror - Part 5

Did you listen to the Prime Minister’s address? Sonia Gandhi made her address even before his. I had been waiting eagerly for it. When he finally made it, I didn’t know what to think.
'Strongly condemns.' These are the 2 words everybody used (Barack Obama included.).
I’d like to know what exactly they mean by it.
Just how much is their condemnation worth (Or us swearing for that matter. Everybody’s swearing at the terrorists.)?
If words of displeasure could end this, I’d have enough to say for you and me, and we would be in a happier place now. These are not little boys with genteel natures, to be insulted by our contempt.
Manmohan Singh said, “We are using the strongest possible measures to ensure that this is not repeated.” Then he said something about how confident he is that the people of India will maintain their unity and integrity.
Wasn’t this what he said last time? That this wont be repeated?
Why all this airy talk?
If the law can’t protect us, who will?
At this point, I’d like to tell you of some very strong things that Shobha De had to say.
“Enough is enough. I want to tell all politicians not to use this as an opportunity for their political agenda. Do not come to Mumbai. We pay millions to give these politicians Z level security (I am yet to find out what this is.). Remove security from them and give it to us. Let even a hair on these politicians be touched by this crisis.”
Too true.
With regards to politicians.
The virtual world is ablaze with arguments frustration and emotions you may never have thought could be emoted through the www.
Young people today do 2 things- party and have fun. Or stay indoors and online.
And pretty much everybody is bashing up the politicians.
Whose side am I on? Certainly not the khadi-clads. But this is addressed to all the youth who have been lamenting. I’ve heard “India is never going to change its so corrupt” a lot in my little life. And I hate it.
Did you go out and vote? Because if you didn’t, then you are in no position to hold by the collar the man you had no part in putting into office. If you did vote, you have every right and responsibility to do so. But if you did not, you are not in the right place for bad mouthing.
So don’t whine. Don’t complain. Bite your tongue and stay put till the next elections.
Either vote. Or contest.
Its not called a democracy for nothing.

Some more questions, for anybody who can answer them.
So far only big cities have been targeted. Why? What if they decide to target less popular cities, where they can easily cause the same number of casualties, and things will be much easier for them since no one was expecting it? Is anybody thinking about this?
Where are these weapons being manufactured?
Who supplies them?
How are they smuggled?
Who is sponsoring this?
Why wasn’t our intelligence able to pick up on this?
How did the terrorists get into the hotels, with all their weaponry?


Jumana said...

Z security or the black cat commandos are the equivalent of te security service in the US. Z security is provided to 5 ppl PM PRESIDENT n 3others hu idk. n bout where they are gting the guns corruption anoo it runs throughout the wrld.

kartik said...

WELL COMING TO POLITICIANS..they are making use of the deaths of the police officers(HEMANT KARKARE)as a mode of political capital. Im glad Mrs. KARKARE rejected the compensation offered from Narendra Modi(no offense to Modi supporters)but this is not the time for compensation, they should have been there when needed, they cannot get him back from the 1 crore compensation.

kartik said...

JUMANA i have details about what your saying

let me tell you first why the middle east is the most safest right now, this is because all attacks are funded from ppl sitting in Saudi Arabia, that is why there are no terrorist attacks in the middle east.
that's one.
Then those funds are used by terror groups to purchase military equipment anything ranging from night vision goggles, to helicopters, to tanks, to machine guns, to small arms, YES OPEN YOUR EYES THEIR OPERATIONS ARE SO LARGE unfortunately we have no proof, these are international arms distributors, where they are who do they supply we have no idea, watch the movie LORD OF WAR, a very clear picture of such dealings are portrayed.

Usually when large military attacks are carried out-take for instance-USA and Iraq, USA brought its fire power, in particular the maverick or m6 rifles, they are standard issue. NOW READ CAREFULLY- these rifles are expense to carry back to the USA they are sold to local gun dealers, on whole sale at a very cheap rates, this stock is then carried all over the world as per demand and sold at huge profits, hence the dealers are all BLING BLINGED!Countries from Africa(R.U.F rebels)to Colombia(drug dealers)to Afghanistan(Taliban)etc etc. this makes the supply.They are shipped carried to every corner of the world.

kartik said...

i must say Shobha De had made very immature comments. She was talking about a hell a lot of crap
she said something abt the PM- well she should know our central govt. is in shape and is working towards this, they aren't receiving any cooperation from local state parties, that's where the problem is, Black Cats had earlier requested for permission to set up base in Bombay, but they had their own political attitude and ignored it, SHE BETTER THINK TWICE BEFORE SHE TALKS AGAIN MANY JOURNALISTS TOO STRONGLY COMMEND HER REMARKS. Manmohan Singh is a fine man, he knows what he is doing.
He had asked Advani to join him to go to a joint meeting of political parties, Advani refused, i don't understand, what kind of idiotic opposition leader is he.(even during times of crisis he acts and behaves irrationally)
When ppl say learn from the west i think its true, u must see USA during the time of 9/11, all parties came together under one roof and helped each other,
and look at our state.

kicking.and.screaming said...

kartik.. be very very careful of what youre saying.

but something that doesnt add up, and i wanted to put it up somewhere in this post is this:
Why do they blow themselves up on the streets of Iraq? Why was there a blast in Lahore? These are nations that have the people of their desired nature. So why do they kill eachother?

no where is safe.

kicking.and.screaming said...

btw kartik.. sir.. why dont you blog yourself?
consider it.
you have all the facts.

tv and computer have been d/c in my house. i sneak online because the cables are still here...
but i cant watch tv.
you kindly give me little summary thing the next time i see you.ok?

kartik said...

anoo i really don't care
i know why are u saying that but its okay.

i dont know how to blog
its okay

kartik said...

ya sure ill let u know, i have alot of stuff i want to burst out on. This is the best place where i can let out everything(thanks to u)

kicking.and.screaming said...

theres nothing to know how to blog man.
just sign up. start blogging.

Jumana said...

i dont agree wid the whole saudi funding terrorist thing i hav a totali diff idea which i dont think is smart 2 blog

kartik said...

ya ur right jumana even i shd curb my excitement, i am sharing very conflicting information it might land me into trouble, plz be careful of wat u write.

kicking.and.screaming said...


isnt that what i said earlier? :P

but yea... even i am being careful what comments i approve of.

what does one say when we've reached the stage where free speech is dangerous?

BluE M@g!c said...

hy got some more info,...
our intel bureau has 25 empty posts to be filled...some ppl say there was a warning already given before the attack, but if not then this is the probable reason