Sunday, 30 November 2008

The Loss and Failure

102 people have lost their lives. 300 have been injured.

It is said that 40 terrorists were involved in this attack. 8 terrorists died. 1 is alive. 31 are still to be accounted for.

We cry about the loss of the 102 innocent. Nobody is crying about the 8 terrorists who also died. I am not either.

But do we realize that those 8 young men, all between the ages of 8 and 28, are also a loss to the world? There are many other things they could have been other than terrorists. But they chose to be terrorists.

Is it just these 8? No it isn’t. There are hundreds, possibly thousands, in the grips of various terrorist organizations, being trained in body and mind for future attacks, at this very moment. And they are going to train thousands more. Thousands more of eight-to-twenty eight’s.

Is that not a loss to the world?

And are they not going to bring greater losses when they carry out their next attack?

Is it not a loss and failure when evil wins over good?

Like I asked before- who is it that failed? Was it their upbringing? Was it religion? Or was it us?

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Kertz said...

Well this time I have to bow down. No way I can fight :(